Commodities: Feeding the hunger to make money with domain name

Commodities: Feeding the hunger to make money with domain name

Commodities Domain - Which name should I invest?

Commodities is a great opportunity to register domain names!

But before, hello dear reader, welcome to our page!

We try to prospect on key trends and bring niche business investment niches.

All this so that you can register Premium Domain Name.

For your own business or sell Name Domain to potential buyers. Good reading!

Answer the question, after reading the subject below

First of all ask:

To whom is your investment in domain directed?

What is your intention when entering the business of selling domain?

Want to make lots of money marketing domain or a little to help balance your finances?

Do you have the patience to close a big sale of premium domain?

Remember, “You only live once, but if you do it right once is enough.” – Mae West

Domain are future assets remember that.

It will not always sell a domain right after registration or immediate resale after purchase.

Let's answer the questions:

A child book seller knows that the focus of the sale is parents with small children.

He will not sell a children’s book to the elderly who have no children or grandchildren.

What market do you want to sell your domain? Brazilian, Chinese, American, English and so on.

Know that there are considerable differences between them.

It’s a hobby, why did they sign you in?

Dedicate yourself to reading and reading a lot if you want to master the subject.

In order to make money mirror yourself in the Shark Tank – Trading with sharks and creating domain in the direction of great commodity deals. 

Domain of small bubbles or that segment of “season” that border the “fashion” allows to earn some money.

But, it needs to be fast and not greedy, therefore, they are passengers and the prices are low and soon lose value.

If you have peace of mind to invest unhurriedly in return, commodity is a promising little explored market and essential in human subsistence.

Let’s meet him!

Commodity Domain - Why Are They Investment Profitable?

Commodity are essential in various day-day processes of billions of people worldwide.

Better yet, large importers and exporters are involved in these businesses.

This is synonymous with Opportunities!

There are several types of commodity to invest your domain.

Agricultural Commodities

  1. Coffee, wheat, soy, corn, sugar, rice, cocoa, orange juice, cotton.
  2. Energy Resources.
    Carbon credit, natural gas, oil.
  3. Mineral
    Aluminum, lead, copper, tin, nickel, palladium gold, platinum, silver, zinc.
  4. Environmental.
  5. ***** Water *****.

These commodities are present in your day-day, an example is holy coffee every morning that help wake up for another day of toil.

What makes us understand that it is an investment that will never lose its value.

Commodity domain have good market acceptance at virtually every level.

These are just some commodities that I cheat.

You can and should further explore and diversify your investments in domain.

We will see practical examples

Type in your browser (Google or another one that makes use) to buy coffee.

As I am in Brazil google will return the searches considering ( with greater relevance.

Result will be this:

Note that the coffee box club are “commodity” investors who bet on selling coffee from the internet directly to the consumer desk.

Note that it is a differentiated service with select coffee from various parts of Brazil, fresh and picked that month.

This practice of beer club, wine, and so many other options has been growing exponentially in the country.

An internet store that aims to sell coffee online.

Online store that sells from grain and coffee capsules to household and commercial accessories.

Did you observe the diversity of item and customers that this commodity allowed to reach?

This online store is also very similar to

This is understanding the gear of commodity domain.

Commodity Domain - Understanding the Essence of Business

Total search buy coffee

14,500,000 – 14 million and 500 thousand.
If the exact word search is coffee, it will increase: 1,140,000,000 – 1 billion and 140 million.
Buy coffee returned:
187,000,000 – 187 million.

Looking for the exact word coffee, results: 1,250,000,000 – 1 billion and 250 million.

Note that Google shows up on the amount of sites related to the search you want.

Do the same with the other commodities and vary in search terms.

Do you see now? Remember when you said that commodity domain have good acceptance on several levels?

You can create domain targeted to small startups to customers with the highest purchasing power.

I believe you understood how important domain name are to a successful business.

The right domain provide close great deals.
Keyword domain with a good SEO development on the site will make all the difference of bringing the customer closer to your commodity.

Agricultural commodity domain still earn an additional bonus that the vast majority of domainers do not even know exists.

The agricultural commodity, holds added value over it, due crop aspect.

The so-called Virtual Water.

A curiosity about the great commercial value embedded in agricultural commodity domain:

From 1997 to 2005 Brazil exported 913 billion cubic meters of Virtual Water.

Agricultural commodity consumption is a gold deposit.

If you want to know more about Virtual Water.

Come with me and I’ll tell you everything, in:

Virtual Water of Brazil – A Country of Poor Billionaires.

You are the key to our business.
Thanks for visiting, come back soon!

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