East Science Valley: A New Era Of Virtual Reality

East Science Valley: Pioneering the Virtual Reality Revolution.

East Science Valley: Analyzing Misconceptions and Embracing Hope for Virtual Reality

East Science Valley: Is it just another smokescreen for virtual reality, or is there still hope?

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Is virtual reality dead? That’s what I asked myself.
Have Google, Facebook, Samsung, HTC, Alibaba, Baidu, JD.com, and other giants made mistakes?
Thankfully, they were right – virtual reality in China is rising from the ashes like a phoenix!
I almost questioned the true value of premium virtual reality domain names.

Fortunately, I didn’t give up on VR’s commercial domain names!
So, the big question: Where to sell VR domain names?
The answer lies in upcoming projects like East Science Valley.

Explore the East Science Valley through Photo and Gain a Deeper Understanding

Far From Mere Speculation, East Science Valley VR is a Tangible Reality

East Science Valley, a Mega Reality Park in China, opened its doors in April 2018.
This park is just one of the projects within China’s expansive scientific and technological base.

With over $1 billion invested, it aims to provide an unparalleled VR experience for visitors. Equipped with helmets and headphones, guests can fully immerse themselves in the world’s first science fiction theme park, featuring restaurants, shops, and a futuristic hotel.

Tickets can be purchased on the park’s website. As virtual reality in China continues to grow, the success of this park will boost confidence in the industry.

This new chapter in VR history brings the potential for fairer prices for virtual reality domain names and revives the hope for profitable sales.

We will continue monitoring and evaluating our predictions for the virtual reality domain market. It would be exciting to sell a high-value VR domain name in the next few years.

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