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Domain name is a fascinating universe!

How can a keyword or phrase specific words can take millions of people to your site?

I’m sure that once you read this little introduction, your mind will see new horizons.

Want to find out? So keep reading!

Data from says that Google handles more than 400,000 search queries every 10 seconds, which means more than billions of searches per day, trillion searches a year around the world.

We are talking about information in real time.

This data is June 22, 2019.

The right Domain Name can take millions of consumers to your site.

Correct domain name, return on investment happens in a short time.

Right name, it provides excellent Break-even.

Look how many people access the internet, in search of something.

From another angle, I see, opportunities!

Opportunities for you and me to make money!

Every investor wants to start, grow or expand their business.

And the internet is a giant gold mine, let’s explore further, see below.

4 billion internet users
Search for second
+3.5 billion search/day
1.2 trillion search/year
140 million/Brazil users

The Best Strategy for Business, starts with a Premium Domain Name!

We offer valuable tips, guiding you to purchase or registration of the perfect domain name.

Want to buy one of our domains, but is your budget less than the requested price?

We will do our best so you can buy the desired domain name.

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Domain Name FAQ

  1. Buy a domain here with us.
  2. Indeed, we have some names, not many, but all very well selected premium names!
  3. High value future market!
  1. Can not find the searched domain name?
  2. I mean, do not go yet.
  3. Say the domain name you are looking for and we will contact our partners to serve you.
  4. In that confidence, consequently, you will be benefited with the possibility and leave with the searched domain.
  5. This at no additional cost, without wasting time, without worry.
  6. Just say what you want and we will work to your advantage!
  1. Domain name is equivalent to an internet address.
  2. It is the domain name that will bring customers and potential to your website or virtual store.
  3. Do you know when you are looking for something on google.
  4. Note that in the results, first highlighted in blue is a reference of the subject searched.
  5. Below in green, you can see the domain name, followed by the search term or keyword.
  6. As a result, domain name of greater relevance with the searched word, will grant great advantage.
  7. Keyword and Google go together.
  8. Concerning this, you can better understand domains here.
  1. Open google and search: Type register domain name.
  2. You will see various logger results.
  3. Visit each site, plan start price and renewal values.
  4. Prioritize dot com domains (.com).
  5. The second option is dot org (.org).
  6. Other extensions I advise you to do only after having experience.
  7. Choose a domain name (read our posts, they will help you choose a name).
  8. Make sure your domain name is available.
  9. Do not register names with accents, hyphens (only if they are a very valuable name) or numbers and letters together.
  10. Select the domain you want to buy and pay for it.
  11. At the time of payment, you must be logged in.
  12. Forms of payment vary from registrar to registrar.
  13. Choose how many years you want to pay and keep the name as yours (the domain is renewed annually).
  14. I advise not to renew for more than 1 year, only do it after some experience in domains.
  1. You should consider price and reliability.
  2. The best are: (1and1)
  3. I like Godaddy and Dynadot, because of price, platform features.
  4. Registrar Dynadot is offering free domain privacy.