The 2024 Domain Market: A Web of New Opportunities

2024's Domain Market: The Dawn of Web Giants

The 2024 Domain Market Grand Prix: A High-Octane Analysis

Welcome to the 2024 Domain Market Grand Prix!

In this thrilling race of digital assets, we’ve witnessed a high-speed contest of sales and strategy, reminiscent of a Formula 1 race. Let’s dive into the data and see who took the pole positions in this exciting domain market competition.

The Starting Grid: Sales by Domain Extension

  1. Pole Position – .com Domains: Dominating the track with 60 sales, .com extensions lead the pack, showcasing their enduring appeal in the domain world.
  2. The Challenger – .ai Domains: With 24 sales, .ai domains have made a significant sprint, reflecting the burgeoning interest in artificial intelligence.
  3. The Contenders: The race saw a diverse array of competitors, with .org (7 sales), .de (2 sales), and .xyz (2 sales) among others, each carving out their place in the race.

Overall Ranking: Number of Sales by Domain Extension:

  1. .com: 60 sales.
  2. .ai: 24 sales.
  3. .org: 7 sales.
  4. .de: 2 sales.
  5. .xyz: 2 sales.
  6. .net: 1 sale.
  7. .cc: 1 sale.
  8. .online: 1 sale.
  9. .ae: 1 sale.
  10. .app: 1 sale.

The Prize Money: Total Sales Value by Domain Extension

  1. The Gold Trophy – .com Domains: With a total sales value of $459,999, .com domains maintain their prestigious position, albeit with a lower average sale value compared to .ai.
  2. The Silver Cup – .ai Domains: Surging ahead with a total sales value of $290,986, .ai domains have proved their worth, signaling the market’s growing fascination with AI.
  3. Bronze Finishers: Other extensions like .org ($73,822) and .net ($25,000) also made notable contributions to the total sales value.

Overall Ranking: Total Sales Value by Domain Extension:

  1. .com: $459,999.
  2. .ai: $290,986.
  3. .org: $73,822.
  4. .net: $25,000.
  5. .cc: $24,000.
  6. .de: $19,252.
  7. .online: $8,500.
  8. .ae: $7,111.
  9. .xyz: $4,391.
  10. .app: $3,000.

Total Sales Value: $916,061.

The Pit Lane: Sales by Venue

  1. Most Active Pit Crew – GoDaddy: Leading in the number of sales with 49 transactions, GoDaddy showcased its prowess as a popular domain selling platform.
  2. High Rollers – Dynadot: Although Dynadot hosted 24 sales, it led in total sales value with $290,986, thanks to its high-value .ai domain deals.

Ranking by Venue: Number of Sales and Their Cumulative Value:

  1. GoDaddy: 49 sales, $274,624 total value.
  2. Dynadot: 24 sales, $290,986 total value.
  3. DropCatch: 7 sales, $47,680 total value.
  4. BuyDomains: 6 sales, $16,480 total value.
  5. Sedo: 4 sales, $29,752 total value.
  6. Namecheap: 3 sales, $6,403 total value.
  7. LegalBrandMarketing: 2 sales, $225,000 total value.
  8. Afternic: 2 sales, $5,988 total value.
  9. 1 sale, $9,888 total value.
  10. Media Code: 1 sale, $7,111 total value.
  11. 1 sale, $2,149 total value.

The Final Lap: An Overview of the Race

The 2024 Domain Market Grand Prix has been a showcase of strategy, speed, and innovation. The rise of .ai domains in both the number and value of sales is a testament to the market’s forward-looking vision.
The .com domains, while not leading in value, still hold a significant place in the race, reflecting their universal appeal and reliability.

As we cross the finish line, we invite you to explore the full list of domain names analyzed in this race, available in the attached PDF file.
For investors and technology enthusiasts, this is more than just a race; it’s a roadmap to the future of digital assets.

The Victory Lap: Seizing the Opportunity

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