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We entered the domain sales market a few years ago

To win and contribute to your success as well.

We believe in the premise

That you must not lose for others to win. We understand that we can win together.

Good domains are not cheap

That's why we offer domain names at a fair price! We chose premium names, seeking to achieve 100% efficiency!

We create a soulful domain name

Believing that they can transform your life and your business into successful companies. Domainyx.com committed to predicting the future.

"The Key to Success is knowing where the world is going and getting there first"

Graphene is beyond a super transmitter! Certainty: It will be one of the most important technological revolutions of this century. A great opportunity to read a super analysis and nurture yourself inside information. At the end of the reading you will understand the feasibility in registering name domain graphene.

Foldable is fantastic! Electric motorcycles, bike helmets and motorcycles, boats, firearms, photographic studio, smartphones, easily stored inside your purse or taken as hand luggage on wheels. Multifunctional furniture, several rooms of the house in one place. Take your physical store to where you want ...

Domain name dot org has shown that the market is looking fondly at it. Just look at the number of sales and their respective figures. Many domain name investors and their end users, have found in dot org the solution to shortage of premium name available with high prices, but not exorbitant.

Sustainable is the key to success! Without it the path will become more difficult. We prospect the main trends in this segment or correlated. This will allow you to buy, sell or register domains of this worldwide trend. Discover many opportunities

EV Lithium is a large and rapidly expanding market. That is, there is latent demand! What to expect? Ascension EV lithium! Register domain name in this thread, can, make you a winner, in the race of white gold. Read our review and build your business plan.

If you are a daring domain name investor and speculate looking at new horizons, you need to read and understand the importance of Virtual Water, present in everything. Find out now!

Bike Share is great alternative and versatility of investment in the domain name market. Segment pedal at high speed, as an important alternative to the chaotic traffic of large metropolises. Pedal with me and find a healthy opportunity!

Bluefin tuna of 222 kg can be worth the price of $ 1.8 million? Do not you think so? Would you be willing to pay $ 30,000 for a single bluefin tuna? Embark with me on this fishery and find out more about how the market works valuable domain names. Let's go fishing?

East Science Valley bring hopes to virtual reality investors. This park did very well for VR Domain name. He keep accesses the flame VR. Read the whole article to learn more.

Commodity are essential in various day-day processes of billions of people worldwide. Better yet, large importers and exporters are involved in these businesses. Find out more...

Driverless is a market for large players, with expectations of $ 556.67 billion by 2026. Good opportunity to buy or register domain name of this segment. The goal is to make vehicles providing time, performance, sustainable, intelligent, dynamic, everything that modern and future life demands.

The Drone Market Report 2019 of droneii.com Prospects that the global drone market will grow over $ 43 billion in 2024 at the CAGR of 20.5%. Find out in this super analysis that we have prepared for you!

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Domainyx, helping you invest and understand how a domain name is a fascinating universe!

How can a keyword domain name or specific phrase bring millions of people to your site?

I am sure that once you read this short introduction, your mind will see new horizons.

Want to know how to buy and sell domain name? So keep reading!

Data from InternetLiveStatistics.com say Google handles over 858,000 search queries every 10 seconds.

Which means more than billions of searches per day, trillions of searches per year worldwide.

We are talking about real time information.

These data are from September 18, 2020.

The right domain name can lead millions of consumers to your site.

Correct domain name, return on investment happens in a short time.

Correct name, provides excellent Break-even.

We will demonstrate below how many people access the internet in search of something.

Thinking like an investor, this is a sea of opportunities!

Symbiotic opportunities to make money.

Every investor wants to start, grow or expand their business.

And the internet is a giant gold mine, let’s explore more, see below.

4 billion internet users
Search for second
+3.5 billion search/day
1.2 trillion search/year
140 million/Brazil users

The Best Strategy for Business, starts with a Premium Domain Name!

We offer valuable tips, guiding you to purchase or registration of the perfect domain name.

Want to buy one of our domains, but is your budget less than the requested price?

Now it’s easy for you to buy the name that will make your business take off!

Through Dan.com, you buy and pay in smooth installments.

A shape that fits in your pocket, in your budget!

We facilitate payment in 10 times, without interest.

Ever! We will do our best so you can buy the desired domain name.

Contact us: [email protected]

Domain Name FAQ

  1. Buy a domain here with us.
  2. Indeed, we have some names, not many, but all very well selected premium names!
  3. High value future market!
  1. Can not find the searched domain name?
  2. I mean, do not go yet.
  3. Say the domain name you are looking for and we will contact our partners to serve you.
  4. In that confidence, consequently, you will be benefited with the possibility and leave with the searched domain.
  5. This at no additional cost, without wasting time, without worry.
  6. Just say what you want and we will work to your advantage!
  1. The domain name is equivalent to an Internet address.
  2. It is the domain name that will bring customers and potential to your website or online store.
  3. You know when you are looking for something on google.
  4. Note that in the results, first highlighted in blue is a reference of the researched subject.
  5. Below, in green, you can see the domain name, followed by the search term or keyword.
  6. As a result, the most relevant domain name with the searched word will give you a big advantage.
  7. Keyword and Google go together.
  8. In this regard, you can better understand the domains here.
  1. Open google and search: type register domain name.
  2. You can access the results of the registrar.
  3. Visit each site, plan the starting price and renewal values.
  4. Prioritize the dot com attributes (.com).
  5. The second option is dot org (.org).
  6. Other extensions after performance that just after exotic experience.
  7. Choose a domain name (read our blog, you can choose a name).
  8. Make sure your domain name is available.
  9. Do not record names with accents, hyphens (only if it is a very valuable name) or numbers and letters together.
  10. Select the domain you want to buy and pay for it.
  11. At the time of payment, you must be logged in.
  12. Payment methods vary from registrar to registrar.
  13. I don’t have to renew for more than a year, only after some domain experience.
  1. You must consider price and reliability.
  2. The best are:
  3. Ionos.com (1and1)
  4. Bluehost.com
  5. Dynadot.com
  6. Godaddy.com
  7. Hostgator.com
  8. Name.com
  9. Namecheap.com
  10. Namesilo.com
  11. Networksolutions.com
  12. I like Godaddy and Dynadot, because of the price, platform features.
  13. Dynadot Registrar is offering free domain privacy.
  1. Providing greater convenience and security

How Domain Name Transactions Work?

  1. Our domains are for sale on GoDaddy.com or Dan.com.
  2. They accept your payment and transfer the domain directly to your account (if you don’t already have one, they can be set up for free).
  3. Godaddy or Dan only releases my payment after the domain name transfer is made for you.
  4. Dan also accepts payments in crypto currencies.

Are there any commission fees for purchasing the domain?

  1. There is no commission fee for the buyer.
  2. I pay the commission, so the price paid is the advertised price.
  3. There are no other charges added by me to the domain price.
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