Virtual Water: Numerous Opportunities To Make Money On Commodities

Virtual Water Domain - A Promising Investment for the Future

Why is virtual water so important? Did you know that agriculture consumes, on average, 70% of a country’s freshwater?
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Each year, tons of our agricultural commodities leave Brazil for international markets.
In 2016, China purchased 75% of the soybeans Brazil exported, totaling around 85 billion tons.

What has been happening for some time now?

Countries lacking abundant freshwater strategically choose to import virtual water from Brazil, without incurring additional costs on these commodities.
Investing in domain names within this segment presents lucrative medium-term opportunities, whether it involves virtual or real water. The water consumption related to the production of these commodities reaches trillions of cubic meters.
Virtual water represents the cost of this resource utilized in the production of these commodities.

The Green Brazil - Virtual Water Domain Opportunities

Outpace competitors by claiming a vital virtual water domain now.
Grasp the significance of virtual water, encompassing all aspects of life.

Until now, the real value of Brazil’s water reserves has never been factored into the price paid by importers.
Water incorporated into these commodities adds significant value to the products.
Even with China and the US producing soybeans, they prefer to buy from Brazil, as it’s more cost-effective and smart to preserve their virtual water reserves.
Consider this: China is growing rapidly across all sectors, with global organizations predicting Asian dominance this century.
By registering domain names with a high potential for sale to major foreign buyers of Brazilian commodities, you can capitalize on this opportunity.

Virtual Water Domains and Their Complexities

Agriculture consumes, on average, 70% of a country’s freshwater, while the industrial sector uses 20%, and residential use accounts for just 10%.
Building a Brazil-China “friendship bridge” through strategic domain names can help you understand the importance of Brazil’s virtual water exports and the value of domain names related to virtual and real water commodities.
Michael Burry, an investment genius who predicted the US housing crisis, is now betting on water and highlighting the “virtual water value” in these commodities.

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A Predicted Future: Investing in Water Domains

Investing in water is poised to become one of the best opportunities of the 21st century.
Australia has already taken steps, as seen on
For more insights, check out these videos: Simo Tervonen’s “Waterfind Australia – Maturing markets” and “Is Water the Future ‘Must-Have’ Commodity?”
California experienced its worst water crisis in history in 2014, and wars also contribute to virtual water dependence. Experts believe that the water commodity crisis will be humanity’s biggest challenge in the next 10 years.

Studies show that one-third of the world’s population suffers from water stress problems, while one billion people lack access to clean drinking water.
The predicted chaos indicates a need to increase food production by 50% by 2050, which means more of our precious virtual water will be used.
Don’t miss the opportunity to profit from water domains, as they represent a more sustainable use and appreciation of Brazil’s valuable commodity.

Stay tuned for future posts discussing investments in commodity domain names, and the best individual investments in this domain segment.
Brazil’s potential is immense, but it is essential to harness it wisely. Desalination through graphene filters could minimize water scarcity in the coming decades.

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