Drone: You were wrong about him, I warned!

Drone: You were wrong about him, I warned!

Premium Domain Name Drone - Believe! They will rule the heavens!​

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Hello dear reader, welcome to our page!

We Domainyx.com try to prospect on key trends and bring niche business investment niches.

All this so that you can register Premium Domain Name for your own business or sell Name Domain to potential buyers; Good reading!

Hello dear reader it is a pleasure to have you again with us! Welcome.
Today I will talk a little about drone, here in Brazil known as UAV – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.
Did you know that it is possible with little money to enter this promising business niche?
It’s true, no gimmicks … Tired of reading post’s promising how to make money on the internet, right?  But…
I promise to tell the whole truth, only the truth!
You will need the knowledge I give you for free and with $10 usd you can register or buy domain from the site and from there develop a big business in the segment of the drone or resell those domain.
I am not selling any product, but sharing knowledge.
If you are new to internet domain business, I have a few
post’s that will help you better understand this type of investment.
Enjoy, these are valuable tips!
The drone are taking over the world’s airspace and show they’re here to stay.
Created for military purposes, little by little, the drone were receiving investment and gaining market confidence and soon became part of our daily routine.
Its enormous potential has attracted the attention of the world as entrepreneurs have realized the great opportunity to transform medium-sized investment into billions of dollars.
The estimate of the market of drone according to specialists in the year 2017 is of $ 127 billion dollars.
The percentage of investment concentrates in 8 main segments:
  • Infrastructure: 35.59%
  • Agriculture: 25.51%
  • Transport: 10.24%
  • Security: 8.03%
  • Entertainment: 6.93%
  • Insurance: 5.35%
  • Telecommunications: 4.96%
  • Mining: 3.39%
This statistical data is an excellent investment tool to guide you in deciding which domain names to register.
The drone are able to merge efficiency at a low investment cost.
Because of its flexibility of being able to operate without multiple business segments a diverse range of players has come into play.
TV stations, photographers, videographers, lifeguards, cattle ranchers, farmers, B2B companies, C2B, public and private security, environmental monitoring.
And they have not exited in making investment in drone.

Once approved the legislation of the use of drone delivery the market will undergo a substantial change in the deliveries made by motoboys.
The imminent capture of this market share will occur in a short time.
The advantages are many: Fast delivery, no traffic impacts, more economical service, low incidence of accidents involving lives and labor lawsuits resulting from these accidents.
Without a doubt, a solid
The market seems totally tied to technological trends to the point where the drone do not go unnoticed in film productions.
February 6, 2017 premieres a TV series called APB where the use of drone in fighting crime is a key part of the plot.
Our forecast for investing in domain this year undoubtedly includes names related to drone products and services.
The variety and commercial application performed by the
drone is giant.
Before we drill down into subsidies to register efficient domain with sales probability, see the statistics:
  • Between 2011 and 2017 (sales of domain related to drone that were disclosed).
  • Total of 99 domain.
  • Total money moved with these domain sales: $ 257,154.00 thousand, equivalent to R $ 815.226,44 thousand, today’s quotation.
  • Average sale price per domain: $ 2,597.52 or R $ 8,200 reais. At the end of the post you can check the list with all the sold domain names of this segment drone.

Premium Domain Name Drone - Infinite Energy Aerial Surveillance!

It’s … who would have thought that we would achieve such significant technological advances already this year. 

The company CyPhy has created a line of drone able to remain in the air indefinitely, days and not hours.
With a technological investment called PARC, these drone have the ability to stay in the heavens for “eternity” without the need to land and perform energy supply.
PARC: Persistent Aerial Reconnaissance and Communications.
Through a power microfilament, the PARC technology drone receive power and internet signal and are capable of reaching altitude up to 400 feet (121 meters) while still supporting 10,000 feet of density altitude.
Drone remain grounded through this ultra-resistant, waterproof microfilament and their data can not be intercepted, falsified or compromised by external means.
It still has infrared, capable of performing night surveillance, including.
Your camera provides videos and images in HD.
Drone domain will be purchased by companies and startup’s willing to invest in private surveillance, producers of major events, state monitoring, scientific development and environmental observatory, among other opportunities.
Take advantage of the hot investment opportunity and tip I’m giving you, a sure-fire forecast of earning money with killer domain names.
Just for curiosity, the drone market has gained so much strength that endless fronts of investment and development come every day.
See this ambitious Israeli project called the Cormorat drone.

Premium Domain Name Drone - Is Your New Personal Selfie Virtual

Selfie is a fashion that after being viralized all over the world through social networks, has become sort of routine on the day of lovers of photography.

It was not long until the famous selfie stick appeared, allowing you to take self-portraits from angles that value the photo.
It’s been a while, but you must remember the Odete character played by Mara Manzan who said “Every dive is a flash” when attending the Swimming Pool.
Today this staff would fall just fine, “Every breath is a flash” lol.
Almost an addiction … At the gym, take it a selfie.
Bored on the Sunday indoors without doing anything, selfie asking for lap, needy.
Have fun with the crowd, celebrating, look at selfie there!
It is observing this worldwide trend that the selfie drone has been gaining investment and global attention.
Guarantee of non-blur pictures and 4k high resolution video recordings.
Beautiful thing, top quality, feel like a film producer, with its technologies that film at 360 angles accompanying the movements from various angles, without losing quality and perfection.
The trend of selfie has boosted and warmed the sales market.
The cosmetics market has been surfing this wave, see.
The search for perfect selfie has led to an increase in plastic surgeries.
The pursuit of an impeccable selfie for the sole purpose of sharing is so absurd that it borders on madness … Understand better in this report of the world.
Smartphone manufacturers are increasingly betting on this trend and investing in photographic resources, everything, in the pursuit of perfect selfie.
Look at another great opportunity to register domain in this segment. I believe that the return on this investment will be in the short to medium term.
Remember, register domain with the English word.
With the emergence of the cameras creating videos in 4k and 360 degrees the growth opportunity of selfie drone with this purpose should expand greatly in the coming years.

Premium Domain Name Drone - A New Ally of the Farmer

Another utility of this unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that has shown a good investment is in the agricultural niche.

The drone have active participation in various fields and agricultural process, check:
1) Planting monitoring
Drone monitoring is the perfect option to maximize profits and reduce losses through quality assessment and pest detection, crop development, harvest forecasting, and crop water balance.
The images processed by the drone are interpreted by specialized software, thus giving a final diagnosis.
The profits generated by this technology pays for the investment.
2) Efficiency in the demarcation of Planting
The aerial view favors the interpretation in a fast space of time allowing to define in which place of the farm will be better to carry out the sowing.
3) Crop Development
It allows to know if everything obeys to the evolutionary schedule of the planting, within the expected one.
4) Spraying of agricultural defenders
This drone practice increases efficiency, productivity, lower costs, maximizes results, and the prognosis is that it will exhibit exponential growth in agricultural commodity producing countries, for example Brazil.
Economically feasible, therefore, the costs that the producer would have with pilot, runway, spray plane, maintenance, cease to exist.
There are fully automated market drone for these purposes.
5) Touch the cattle, a new pawn of the air!
Some ranchers are already using drone in order to assist the cattle.
It is still possible to use them in the rescue of lost or torn animals.
6) Sale of farms
It will facilitate and much the elaboration of promotional video of a first contact with potential buyer.
With all these tips I’ve given you wish you have several investment insights;
Domain related to the purchase, sale and rental of spray drone.
Specific software domain in the interpretation of collected data.
Maintenance domain and technical assistance of drone.
Fields of labor specialized in the monitoring of planting by drone.
Insurance domain exclusively for drone.
Drone handling courses in a specific agricultural segment.

Domain Name Drone - Sold between 2011 and 2017

  • quadrone.org 
  • cyberdrone.com 
  • droneworx.com 
  • robodrone.com 
  • droneon.com 
  • droneschool.com 
  • dronex.com 
  • dronezone.com 
  • godrone.com 
  • hydronet.com 
  • personaldrones.com 
  • youdrone.com 
  • bestdrones.com 
  • deliverydrones.com 
  • dronebot.com 
  • droneconcepts.com 
  • dronedepot.com 
  • droneexperts.com 
  • dronefactory.com 
  • droneguide.com 
  • dronelife.com 
  • dronepro.com 
  • dronerepair.com 
  • dronereviews.com 
  • dronereviews.com 
  • drones.in 
  • drones.net 
  • dronesworld.com 
  • dronetoys.com 
  • droneusa.com 
  • dronevideo.com 
  • dronevideo.com 
  • dronevideos.com 
  • gamedrone.com 
  • insectdrone.com 
  • livedrone.com 
  • mobiledrones.com 
  • rcdrones.com 
  • realestatedrone.com 
  • realestatedrones.com 
  • smartdrone.com 
  • smartdrones.com 
  • smartdrones.info 
  • agriculturedrone.com 
  • atlantadronerental.com 
  • drone.academy 
  • dronecam.com 
  • dronegear.com 
  • dronepolice.com 
  • dronerentalatlanta.com 
  • drones.org 
  • drones.pro 
  • drones.us 
  • dronesalabama.com 
  • dronesense.com 
  • dronesmart.com 
  • dronesport.com 
  • dronesure.com 
  • dronetracker.com 
  • dronetrader.com 
  • droneworlds.com 
  • lifeguarddrones.com 
  • megadrone.com 
  • predatordrones.com 
  • rentdrones.com 
  • thedrones.com 
  • toydrones.com 
  • bestdrone.com 
  • bestdrones.com 
  • cadrone.com 
  • commercialdrone.com 
  • drdrone.com 
  • drone.fr 
  • drone.ly 
  • drone360.com 
  • dronedefence.com 
  • dronefix.com 
  • dronehut.com 
  • dronemaster.com 
  • dronephotography.co.uk 
  • droneregistration.com 
  • drones.to 
  • dronesciences.com 
  • droneshell.com 
  • dronestrikes.com 
  • dronesurveillance.com 
  • firstdrones.com 
  • flying-drones.expert 
  • gameofdrones.com 
  • medicaldrone.com 
  • medicaldrones.com 
  • nationaldrones.com 
  • nodrone.de 
  • thedroneinfo.com 
  • thepocketdrone.com 
  • wedrone.com 
  • drones.mx 
  • dronesdeliveries.com 
  • dronesdelivery.com
In another post we will talk about more investment opportunity in the drone segment.

You are the key to our business.
Thanks for visiting, come back soon!

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