Capture Brazil’s 11M EV Opportunity: Invest Now!

Powering Brazil's Future: The 2040 Vision for 11M Electric Vehicles

Invest in Brazil’s EV Revolution: Target 11M by 2040!

The future of electric vehicles in Brazil is bright, with an estimated fleet growth from the current 130,000 to a staggering 11 million by 2040. This dramatic increase isn’t just a prediction, but a future reality indicated by a recent survey. Battery-operated vehicles, which presently account for a modest 13,000-15,000 cars and a little over 2% of the market share, are set to dominate Brazil’s roads in less than two decades.

Expect 11 Million EV Units by 2040: A Goldmine for EV Charger Investors

According to an unprecedented study by McKinsey & Company, the fleet of Brazilian automobiles and light commercial vehicles is expected to reach 11 million units by 2040. This development signifies over 20% of the current circulating fleet and a US$65 billion market.

The Green Shift: Brazil’s Quest for Sustainable Mobility!

The study, titled “Accelerating Change Towards Sustainable Mobility in Brazil,” reveals that Brazilians are keen to embrace mobility technologies that minimize the environmental impact. A whopping 44% of the respondents sought a sustainable alternative for their commutes, and 24% consider themselves enthusiasts of emission-free mobility.

The Challenges Lying Ahead: Infrastructure and Education.

However, a multitude of obstacles still needs to be addressed for the electrification of the national fleet. McKinsey’s Senior Manager, Daniele Nadalin, emphasizes the importance of continued education about EVs and the necessary adaptation of Brazil’s infrastructure.

From Today’s Reality to Tomorrow’s Vision: The Road to Electrification.

Nadalin suggests that intensive-use models (those traveling more than 150 km/day) will spearhead the electrification process, with the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) already similar to combustion counterparts.

According to Nadalin, those who use their vehicles for shorter commutes (up to 30 km daily) will likely reach cost parity with combustion vehicles around 2030.

Decarbonization of The Automotive Sector: The Inevitable Path

According to Ricardo Guggisberg, President of the IBMS – Brazilian Institute of Sustainable Mobility, the electrification of the Brazilian fleet has emerged as the key strategy for decarbonizing the automotive sector.

Seize the Opportunity:

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