Org Domains: Pioneering Trust in the Web

Org Domains: Unfolding a $544.8k Digital Tale

Unveiling the Future: The Extraordinary Potential of .org Domains!

In the ever-evolving tapestry of technology and innovation, where the lines between the physical and digital worlds blur into a mesmerizing symphony, there exists a hidden gem that beckons both domain investors and technology enthusiasts with an irresistible allure: .org domains. These digital treasures, akin to the philosopher’s stone of the internet, continue to withstand the test of time, showcasing an unwavering resilience that is nothing short of exceptional.

But beyond being a testament to resilience, a .org domain possesses an almost mystical power—a power that, when harnessed correctly, can transform a mere business venture into a global phenomenon. It’s not merely a web address; it’s the cornerstone of your online presence, a beacon of trust and credibility.

In this immersive journey through the digital landscape, we will not only explore the latest trends but also dissect the intricate performances of gTLDs and ccTLDs during the first 21 days of this monumental year, 2024.

The .org Continues to Shine Brightly

As the sun rises on each new day, so does the relevance and value of .org domains in the digital realm. Their presence in the market remains constant, their allure unwavering, and their potential limitless. In the grand scheme of domain investments, .org domains stand proudly as the silver medalist, with a resounding $544.8k in sales volume.

Now, let’s cast our gaze upon the recent sales of .org domains from the past week, a testament to their enduring appeal:

  1. A remarkable sale at $19,000, unveiling the infinite possibilities of this digital landscape. For details, dive here.
  2. Embarking on a digital journey valued at $13,754, this domain represents a unique path to success. Details shimmer here.
  3. A noble domain that fetched $13,250, exemplifying the impact a .org domain can make. Details resonate here.
  4. A worldly domain that changed hands for $11,000, offering a passport to online success. Explore the details here.
  5. A concise yet powerful domain, sold for $9,192, proving that brevity can indeed be golden. Details await here.
  6. A domain that defies expectations, achieving a stunning $9,090 in its recent sale. For an in-depth look, visit here.
  7. A domain with a rich history, now worth $9,100, showcasing the potential for transformation. Dive into the details here.
  8. Building success one block at a time, this domain was acquired for $5,744, proving that the digital world has endless construction sites. Details are laid out here.
  9. A divine investment, changing hands for $5,101, illustrating the diverse opportunities within the .org universe. Explore the details here.

In summary

These transactions tally an impressive $85,231 in total sales, with an average sale price of approximately $9,470.11 per domain. The average character count before “.org” in these domains hovers around 9.33 characters. The shortest domain, “,” boasts a mere 4 characters before “.org,” while the longest, “” and “,” extend to 16 characters before “.org.” Notably, the revival of, originally acquired in 2016 for a modest $1,001, showcases an astounding 909.09% profit margin—a testament to the ever-evolving dynamics of the domain market.

These long and short narratives, punctuated by their sale values, serve as signposts in our collective journey, a stark reminder that in the digital realm, exploration knows no bounds, and the lessons are ever-evolving.

The .com Domains: The Trailblazers of Our Time

As the digital racetrack unfurls before us, .com domains continue to surge ahead, leaving a trail of awe and admiration in their wake. In the grand arena of domain investments, .org domains, embracing their unique niche, stand as formidable contenders, even outpacing the much-celebrated .ai and .io domains.

Let’s take a moment to dissect the numbers:

Reported .com Domain Sales in 2024:

  • Total reported sales: A staggering 6,972 domains.
  • Sales volume in dollars: A remarkable $5 million.
  • The highest price in 2024: An astounding $200,000.
  • Percentage of sales obtained in 2023 ($104.5 million): A noteworthy 4.78%.

Reported .org Domain Sales in 2024:

  • Total reported sales: 551 domains, each a piece of the digital puzzle.
  • Sales volume in dollars: A substantial $544.8k.
  • The highest price in 2024: An impressive $51,000, a testament to the digital realm’s capacity for transformation.
  • Percentage of sales obtained in 2023 ($10.4 million): A notable 5.23%.

Reported .ai Domain Sales in 2024:

  • Total reported sales: 189 domains, each a digital stroke of genius.
  • Sales volume in dollars: A remarkable $413.1k.
  • The highest price in 2024: A commendable $100,000, a testament to the potential hidden within these domains.
  • Percentage of sales obtained in 2023 ($5.5 million): A promising 7.5%.

Reported .io Domain Sales in 2024:

  • Total reported sales: 150 domains, each a digital star in the cosmos.
  • Sales volume in dollars: A captivating $314.8k.
  • The highest price in 2024: A stellar $150,000, proving that the digital universe has no bounds.
  • Percentage of sales obtained in 2023 ($2.4 million): An astonishing 13.15%.

Reported .net Domain Sales in 2024:

  • Total reported sales: 204 domains, each a bridge to the digital future.
  • Sales volume in dollars: A promising $163.6k.
  • The highest price in 2024: A noteworthy $25,000, a testament to the diverse opportunities within the .net domain space.
  • Percentage of sales obtained in 2023 ($2.9 million): A substantial 5.63%.

Reported .xyz Domain Sales in 2024:

  • Total reported sales: 21 domains, each a digital gem waiting to be discovered.
  • Sales volume in dollars: A promising $103.3k.
  • The highest price in 2024: A sparkling $50,000, illustrating the ever-evolving nature of domain values.
  • Percentage of sales obtained in 2023 ($1.4 million): A surprising 7.38%.

Now, as the curtain rises on this digital stage, we invite you to seize the moment—a moment steeped in elegance and sophistication. It’s an opportunity that resonates with your very essence, a chance to sculpt your digital destiny. Imagine owning assets like,, and—names that are not just current but versatile, poised to thrive in today’s ever-changing digital landscape.

.org Domains Exploration

For a deeper dive into the world of .org domains, we invite you to explore our dedicated section: Domainyx .org. And for the discerning investor, the one who senses success on the horizon, these high-octane .org domains are waiting for you in our portfolio on Domainyx Portfolio. Remember, with, the payments are seamless—choose to pay in installments over a generous 60-month period and watch your investments flourish as you go.

In the world of domains, where possibilities are boundless and success knows no limits, a .org domain can be your guiding star. Secure your future, and let your success story begin.

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