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Sustainable Premium Domain Name – Jump To Success!

22 de August de 2018 Sustainable 1
Domain Names for Sustainable Business

Sustainable Domain - A Great Investment Option?

We have prepared a super analysis of this market for domain name investors.
Recycle your thoughts and be sustainable.
Hello dear reader, welcome to our page!
We try to prospect the key trends and bring niche business niche investment.
All this so you can register the Premium Domain Name for your own business.
Or, resell domain name for potential buyers.
Again, it is a pleasure to share my ideas with you, good reading.
Today we will talk about something of extreme importance of subsistence of the next generations.
The bill comes one day and the world economic balance has shown this imbalance.
On the one hand, the profits of predatory exploitation “verse” the cost of this behavior.
It turns out that the account does not close, the weights are not equivalent.
Good thing finally we wake up!
And we institute the sustainable being, the faithful one of the balance, nourishing the lungs of the planet, again with oxygen.
“Perhaps” we have succeeded in ridding humanity of the greatest catastrophe ever announced.
The new global order is clear and intrinsic: Do you want to sell or buy?
Be Sustainable!
Companies without this consciousness are bound to fail.

Guidelines, good census and nation mobilization are creating a sustainable market on the planet.
If there is a dispute over the sale of similar products, it is clear:
  • The market and the consumer will give preference to buy the sustainable and ecologically correct.
Thinking about selling or buying domain and maximizing your money professionally?
It is important to know about these trends, read on.

In Which Sector Should I Keep My Focus?

Global warming showed one thing:

  • We need to look for new alternative sources of renewable energy, technology and sustainable methods.

Most of the carbon released into the atmosphere occurs from the energy produced by coal.

There is gigantic pressure to reduce carbon emissions.

New doors have emerged, and clean, renewable energy has proven to be the ideal solution.

So invest in these domains.

It is still important to note that many of these technologies guarantee reduced process costs and tax exemptions.

Look at the strength of the renewable energy domain.

Recently, Solar Pack Corp has closed a large sustainable business with Chile.

It will provide Solar Energy at the lowest cost in history, $ 29,10 megawatt-hour.

This confirms the strength of the favorable balance in the gain of the two parties, indifferent in being buyer or seller.

Morocco will soon conclude its super solar plant and will become a benchmark in renewable and sustainable energy.

The government of Piauí (Brazil) is considering exporting sustainable energy generated by its wind farm and solar.

It is past time for Brazil to invest in renewable energy.

Northeastern states have sun and wind all year long, with such significant intensity, paying with their back the initial investment.

Today, the light bill of a Brazilian family with 4 people is on average $ 92, according to research.

The system for capturing solar energy by photovoltaic panels costs on average $ 4,186k.

You may think it’s a high investment, but it’s not!

The view is really heavy, if you consider the average salary of the Brazilian, however, dividing this investment, you will see its viability.

Let's calculate: how much time to pay for the investment in solar energy?

Multiplying 42 months x $ 104.6 which is the average consumption of 4 people in Brazil, the final value spent will be approximately $ 4.4k.

The sustainable investment in solar energy will give you independence from electricity companies, approximately within 3 ½ years after installation.

And it will still have a margin of $ 209 in case of possible readjustments that will happen.

When we hear about investment, we think about the stock market, right! But it is possible to invest through such measures.

If you liked what you read above, surprise yourself with what’s coming!

How much money do you think could save you the next 30 years of your life? Let’s get an estimate …

Would save little, right? Wrong.

Find out how in fact this is feasible?

So, see how much you will spend to buy electricity from businesses for the sustainable use of residential solar power by the photovoltaic system:

  • Amazed, you would have saved in 30 years here in Brazil, $ 37,678.36 (37 thousand and six hundred and 78 dollars and 36 cents)!

Sustainable is the oxygen that gives life to your financial lungs!

According to Climatescope, Brazil has received more than $ 65.6 billion dollars in investments in renewable energy projects in the last 9 years.

Brazil said it should reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 45% over the next 8 years, taking as reference values ​​the emissions made in 2005.

The increase in investment in solar energy in the countries analyzed by Climatescope reaches a staggering 43%. This confirms the viability and strong trend in the coming years.

All this commitment does a great good to our planet in the face of ethical immorality, deforesting, polluting and draining the life of our planet.

Let’s put our foot on the road and start registering the sustainable domain.

Do not exite: allow the sun and wind to cross the domain, illuminate and breathe good omens in your life!

Germany Renewable Energy Reference

An example of renewable energy to be followed by other governments in the world is what has been done in Germany.

The awareness of sustainable investment is to fill the eyes of environmentalists with pure joy.

Not to mention the economy that will bring the country in the short and medium term.

Extending the application of the Germans to meet their audacious goal of reducing CO2 emissions in the atmosphere by 95% by 2050.

Observe the incentives that the government offers its main ally, the population.

The German people are being encouraged to invest in ever more sustainable energy.

Through the Erneuerbare Energien Gesetz (renewable energy law).

All residents who install a photovoltaic panel in their homes or mixed use of electric and solar energy receive a government compensation as a form of incentive.

Still, the power grid purchases surplus at 100 KWP (Kilowatt-Peak) above 100 kilowatts if it is willing to sell.

The country is struggling structurally strenuous by investing in renewable energy.

We must emphasize that Germany is able to provide clean and sustainable energy through wind and biogas.

One of the pillars of all this success is the EUREF.

A campus of the Technical University of Berlin, where sustainable energy technology is developed.

Able to provide electric cars, charge batteries and sell the surplus there are electric manager of the city.

Germany gives clear examples of what technology exists and the cost is reasonable in the short term and cheap in the medium and long term.

The necessary elements are accessible (main: sun and wind), there is a lack of political will for intelligent mechanisms to access this technology.

The German market is a very fertile

The German market is a very fertile ground for investing in Internet domain names in this sustainable energy segment. Enjoy the tip!

Discipline of the German government is to take off the hat!

He did not have to wait to make mistakes by visualizing the necessary changes.

Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan was enough in 2011 and the Germans ignited the warning signal.

Ângela Merkel: We will close all nuclear reactors by 2022.

This allowed new players to participate in this energy restructuring of the country.

In five years, these actors (sustainable renewable energy) will change the scenario projected by the more skeptical, who assert that it would be a total failure and impossible to supply the demand with this type of clean energy.

There are no arguments against these facts, in the last 5 years, 27% of the energy used in the country was of renewable source (wind, solar, biogas), three times greater than a decade ago.

Current figures indicate that 33% of the country’s energy comes from renewable sources.

What are the Trends in Renewable Investment?

Investors linked in our posts, willing to make money with domain of the internet or other niches of businesses that can be updated with our subjects, observe the suggestion of investment tendencies in the name of the sustainable domain in 2017.

Notice where the investments are taking place, their robustness, and our subsequent summary will help you register the correct domain.

Drone application in solar energy
SunPower is one of the leaders in the solar panel market recently announced by its CEO Tom Werner that the company will use the drone to reduce operating costs by 30%.

Drone Domain – Wind Turbine Thermometer
Understand why drones are beginning to gain ground as a strong ally in sustainable wind-based energy production.

This can be your opportunity to register domains and make money connected to this business segment.

Studies indicate that by 2030 wind energy must account for 20% of the energy used on the planet.

Wind energy is in the group of renewable, clean energy, of inexhaustible source, without cost of obtaining the raw material.

A modern wind turbine has a lifespan of 130,000 hours, or approximately 20 years.

The conventional maintenance cost of these turbines varies between 1% and 2% of the investment.

Brazil: A brief observation of this promising market

An important fact that comes to Brazil is that we are able to produce 272 TeraWatt / year, or 64% of all electricity consumed in the country in the first year (424), according to a report by ANEEL (National Electric Energy Agency) . TW / year).

Brazil, in addition to serious politicians, needs people with this kind of knowledge to make the best use of our infinite clean and sustainable resources, such as sun and wind.

This shows the strength of investment in renewable energy and the new technologies that have been applied to them in search of better performance and results.

Drone has received attention when it comes to maximizing the results of investing in sustainable resources.

Give Sun Power an example and cost savings of 30% in your solar energy business niche.

Curiosity (concern): Did you know that Brazil is only the 46th country on the greenest list?

Yes! Frustrating … with all the abundance of natural resources in the country.

We seem to have started here: the BNDES Sustainable Energy Fund will come into force now in 2017.

Individuals will be fully exempt from income tax, ie they will not be subject to personal income tax.

But all is not lost.

Even though it is not the reference in ecologically correct solutions, there is still hope!

Today, Brazil occupies the 10th position in the world’s wind energy capture.

Experts estimate the possibility of reaching 600 wind farms in 2019.

Ok … I get it and where does the drone come from?

Calm down, let’s get you there.

Before, a little patience, I assure you, all this information is important to build a broad view of this great market.

Another arm or segment in wind power that is gaining strength worldwide is the offshore wind farm.

Understand why sustainability has gained momentum worldwide

The investment in offshore wind farm, has no limitation applied to its use in the soil.

It has no visual impacts.

Factor noise pollution x population.
Inexistence, then, the distance of the coast cancels this type of problem.

Wind turbine height may be lower than that practiced in soil, in the purpose of capturing wind at proper speed.

Due to the absence of physical barriers in the sea this will provide a better efficiency of the turbines, increasing their life time.

General wear and tear of wind turbine equipment if left unnoticed and without proper preventive maintenance would bring to the business loss of productivity, unnecessary expenses and considerable costs.

Competitiveness of the market and the financial health of companies are leading them to the large-scale search for a smart and sustainable solution.

And it is because of the need of the market that the drone have proved to be efficient and indispensable.

This type of inspection or inspection that was previously done by people physically in turbines at risk of falls, is now performed by drone.

Increasing efficiency, eliminating fatal and serious incidents in surveys, allowing a marked improvement in the preventive maintenance process.

An example here in the smart solution country in the wind power segment is the maintenance service offered by Drown Drone.

Promises maintenance efficiency by avoiding equipment downtime.

No need for full component replacement and propeller collapses that would increase the cost and make the business unfeasible.

Research predicts that the wind farm maintenance market by drone will be $ 6 billion by 2024. 

Considering the main focus of this inspection the blades of the wind turbine.

Drone Domain - The new cartographic era!

The methods and technologies associated with the use of drone each passing day prove to be “infinite.”

A new revolutionary era in world cartography goes through a great time and the responsible for this improvement are the drone associated with the need of the sustainable process.

Today there are specialized companies such as Terra Smart capable of generating cartographic maps through drone with a range of 80 hectares in just 1 hour of flight.

Flying between 200 and 400 feet in height these cartographic drone have the ability to process high resolution images allowing the development of a 5 megawatt solar energy project in just 48 hours.

Those who work in this niche know the value and importance of a resource like this in the success of their investment.

This technology enables you to tie in to success and reduce losses

The accuracy offered by Terra Smart promises to mitigate significant losses of such project problem points.

With the ability to diagnose design critical points even before leaving paper or very explicitly before the area is cleared for construction.

The advanced data of this complex system allows accuracy and precision to make an Orthostatic 3D up to 1 inch.

That is, orthos of the Greek orthos (straight, exact) creating a relief view about 3 cm from the analyzed location.

Financially speaking, this service offered by Terra Smart is every investor’s dream!

Loss reduction, profit maximization, efficiency, response time, everything a successful investment needs.

The company has been active in the solar energy investment market for only 7 years and already has over 300 major projects delivered.

Profitability and viability of the business is so great that no part of the investment is outsourced.

The entire process is performed by Terra Smart’s skilled workforce from start to finish.

This is an investment opportunity on behalf of the drone topographic service domain.

In Brazil you can see innovators and visionaries like these, however, focused on agriculture, as is the case with GeoDrones.

The magnitude of the investment and the expectation placed on the services performed by the drone are huge!

So big that even the AES (Brazil) power supply company is receiving a drone inspection solution in an attempt to mitigate its estimated $1 billion annual loss.

Sustainable Domain - Let's Register Some?

Below are some suggestions based on our prognosis of the renewable and sustainable source investment market.

Invest in domain related to solar energy and derivatives.

Make your business shine, the sun is at your disposal with all your warmth in favor of your business. 

Invest in solar energy.

Technical assistance and installation of these equipment in residential and business, magazine with sustainable energy material, storage capsules, companies producing such equipment, importers in the large scale distribution.

Note: The main production of the solar panel is made in China.

Use English names for larger market domain.

Startup’s will look up domain names in English, believe me.

This animation will give a little understanding of the operation of photovoltaic panels in the capitation of solar energy.

Investing in wind energy and derivatives

Keyword domain in the wind energy segment should follow the same line as the solar energy examples.

A fantastic metal, graphene, enhancer of solar panels.

Read a super analysis of graphene here.

This new player will positively impact the capitation of Brazilian sustainable energy.

Opportunity knock on your door, domainyx have sustainable domains for sale, check it out:


You are the key to our business.
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