Graphene, Why European Union Invested $ 1.3 Billion In Research?

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Graphene, Why European Union Invested $ 1.3 Billion In Research?

26 de May de 2019 Graphene 5
Graphene will revolutionize the world

Graphene, why will he conquer the world?

Graphene is much more than a supercapacitor, it’s about this fantastic metal that I’ll speak about today.

We will find out, indeed, that it will revolutionize many business segments.

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Expected value of the graphene market until 2025 is 550 Million Euro.

You can read the annual report 2018 of the highest authority in Graphene, by clicking here.

A graphene success story, is the Head racquet brand.

Made with graphene, the Head racquets are ultra light and very sturdy.

Consequently, worn by one of the greatest tennis players of the decade, Novak Djokovic.

Then, let’s find out together in this article because graphene news is very promising for domain name investors!

Notably, people get fuel from anything.

There is hope to end the water shortage on earth, thanks to ocean water being able to become drinkable.

I mean, the metals stopped rusting.

Such as, people do not need light bulbs.

Additionally, the lamps have been replaced with glossy wallpapers.

By the way, humans are becoming bionic.

What we are talking about is not the latest science fiction film, I mean, it is a very likely and very near future.

Thanks to wonderful material called Graphene!

But, the most interesting thing about this metal of the future is being able to produce it in your living room.

Want to find out how? Keep reading.

Graphene Unbeatable: All Qualities Combined In One Material!

Graphene - Info Data with some of the main properties of this super transistor
Graphene - Info Data with some of the main properties of this super transistor

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One of the things that makes Graphene such a special metal is its thickness.

He is a carbon sheet of the thickness of a single atom.

Three million sheets of graphene on top of each other would be one millimeter thick, with high degree of strength and flexibility.

For a start, iIt’s over 1000,000 times thinner than a hair, says John Lettow, CEO of Vorbeck.

Even more, graphene is 200 times stronger and lighter than steel.

It has only one atom thick, it means it is two-dimensional and you can hold that single layer of atoms in your hands.

Besides, able to conduct electricity more quickly, accurately and efficiently than any other known material.

The reason is that the electrical current density of graphene is 1000 times faster than copper.

Incidentally, ultra light, seven times lighter than air.

Its intrinsic mobility is far superior to that of silicon.

Initial studies have shown that the speed of electrons in graphene is 1000 km/s.

Indeed, 60 times faster than silicon.

Which is the element currently used in semiconductors, transistors for chips, solar cells, and a myriad of electronic circuits.

Electrons Have no resistance when they move through graphene

Graphene has a smaller Joule effect.

It loses less energy in the form of heat by conducting the electrons.

The law of Joule (also known as Joule effect or thermal effect) is a physical law that expresses the relation between the heat generated and the electric current that runs through a conductor in a certain time.

In this way, when an electric current passes through an electric conductor, the conductor heats up, emitting heat. This phenomenon is called the joule effect.

Therefore, the joule effect, also known as thermal effect, is caused by the collision of the free electrons against the atoms of the conductors.

Is transparent – transmits 98% of light. As the video of the University of Manchester shows.

Graphene batteries will be able to hold ten times more electricity than the “existing ones”.

Researchers at Northwestern University have created a battery that keeps the phone charged for more than a week and only takes 15 minutes to recharge.

Graphene's versatility: Hardness, Flexibility, Elasticity, Impermeability


Graphene is incredibly stretchable stretching up to 20% of its original length. Explains Dr Sarah Haigh in this video.


This material is very rigid, in fact the strongest ever known.

Web spider if made with graphene would be able to hold a falling aviation and prevent it from colliding on the ground.

Your stamina outweighs the diamonds and that’s not all, imagine an elephant on a sharp pencil not being able to punch it!

Graphene Differential

Another Graphene quality that scientists find extremely interesting is that it expands when cooled and shrinks under heat.

There are no examples of other materials with similar properties.

All the normal substances we know to this day act in exactly the opposite way.

They become larger when heated and smaller when cooled.

Can be used in electronics to dissipate heat.

Graphene Impermeability

No matter how hard you try, you will not be able to squeeze even a single helium atom through Graphene.

This makes this metal the most impermeable material ever discovered, thus, it can function as a gas detector.

While atoms have difficulty passing Graphene, electrons roam!

According to Professor Geim, this characteristic makes this material perfect for experiments in high-speed quantum physics.

Graphene in everything: Automotive, Photonics, Aerospace, Nuclear, Internet

Radioactive Decontamination

Graphene oxide extracts radioactive substances from water solutions, enabling decontamination of water resources (including underground) affected by accidents such as the Japanese Fukushima plant.

Auto Industry

This material, being one of the most resistant already produced, began to be applied in the anticorrosive coating of metallic structures.

Because of its physico-chemical properties it is a non-toxic alternative to traditional coatings of steel structures.

Automotive industry studies the manufacture of cars with graphene chassis that are not only safer, but act like solar panels that charge the battery.

Flexible Displays That Can Be Folded

An example is the screens of tablets and smartphones that, when they fall, break.

Graphene would be used for the production of a touch screen, flexible, transparent and unbreakable.

It would replace the ITO (Indium Doped Tin Oxide) currently used in sensitive screens.

Researchers at Samsung’s technology institute in South Korea, have announced they have discovered how to create layers of silicon mixed with high-quality graphene, a decisive step in producing transistors on a large scale.

Uncontestable Samsung has already shown the first foldable Smartphone.

Researchers at IBM and Nokia have also been testing the material on sensors, transistors and memory storage.

Accelerate The Internet

It has been proven that graphene can perform the conversion of optical to electrical information with a speed about 100 times faster than the electric converters.


The production of sensors, because the graphene is totally formed by surface area.

Photonic devices.

Aerospace, naval, automotive and civil industries.

Biomedical area, for example, to make flexible and light prostheses, in addition to implants.


Generation of energy, as in solar panels, in hydrogen cells and in batteries of great duration.

More sensitive cameras.

High speed cables.

Paintings that absorb energy.

Graphene and the possibilities: Space elevator, iron man, black panther, bright wallpaper.

What is the limit for graphene? How far can he get?
What is the limit for graphene? How far can he get?

There are countless benefits that this material will provide for humanity.

Space Elevator: Sir Artur Clarke's

This idea emerged in 1979 in Sir Arthur Clarke’s science fiction novel, The Sources of Paradise.

The elevator described in the book looked like a tower with paper-thin walls and hollow interior.

Its sides were distant 19 meters and its height reached 35,400 km.

An idea of such a lift sounds completely strange, but if it were built the sidereal space would become easily accessible.

Until recently the main problem was to find materials light and strong enough to withstand such an elevator.

However, with the discovery of Graphene, in a few years, something of the genre can finally come out paper.

Iron Man And Black Panther A Near Reality

A single layer of Graphene is unbelievably strong, imagine two?

Researchers at Georgia Tech recently demonstrated how two layers of Graphene atoms will remain intact after scientists attempt to drill them with a diamond tip.

Bright Wallpaper

Graphene can transform bulbs from inside a residence into something of the past.

A sleek glossy wallpaper with electrodes made of graphene, will provide pleasant and adjustable lighting for homes.

In addition, this lighting will be more energy efficient than modern lamps.

This technology has even inspired the cinema.

It is possible to see this technology in the science fiction film called Upgrade, released in 2018.

Health Care

Scientists at the University of Illinois have discovered that graphene can aid in the detection cancer cells.

Researchers at the University of Texas who have invented temporary tattoos using graphene.

These tattoos are far from being a simple body decoration, they are able to accompany a person’s vital signs including their level of hydration and skin temperature.

Graphene: A concrete solution for water scarcity

Graphene Molecular Sieve For Sea Water

Graphene is the answer to the water crisis that many countries face.

Scientists at the University of Manchester in England have found a solution to a problem that affects 1.2 billion people worldwide.

Graphene remove salt from sea water and allow its consumption.

In a study published in the journal Nature Nanotechnology, the researchers report that they created a type of “molecular sieve” with modified graphene oxide membranes.

Salinized water filtration process, these thin layers of the material were used for selected molecules (such as water) to leave, while others (such as salt) were retained.
Next step is to stagger this process.

Pretend to extend this technology to filter ions.

The United Nations estimates that 14 percent of the world’s population will suffer from water shortages in 2025.

Ram Devanathan believes that conventional desalination methods use a lot of energy and cause great environmental impact.

“In addition, energy production consumes large amounts of water and creates wastewater that needs to be treated with more energy.”

Graphene oxide would be a cheaper solution and will help save the environment.

Know more in the link below: Desalination by Graphene

Australia is investing in this desalination technology through Graphene.

By 2018, Australian scientists have been able to purify sea water and let it drink after a single filtration. They called it Graphair.

Running shoes for a new generation of athletes

Running shoes, were tested in the laboratories of the University of Manchester.

The difference compared to other running shoes, this in the fact that your rubber outsole is made with an addition of graphene.

Result, they are much more elastic and stronger than those of traditional material.

Synonymous with durability!

Research is advancing rapidly in many business niches. Highlight for EV Car!

Graphene Batteries for EV Car

University of Córdoba in partnership with Graphenano and Grabat Energy have developed a battery for electric cars, capable of offering a range of 1000 km per charge.

Recalling that Graphene is a thousand times better conductor of electricity than other known substances, it is possible to have efficiency and lower charge time.

Today the EV Car has a range of 400 km. 

Charging time total part of 10 hours in 220 V sockets and up to 52 hours in 110 V sockets.

The creators of the Graphene battery, guarantees autonomy of 1000 km and full charging in just eight minutes.

Were you surprised? Let’s put an elephant instead of a flea behind your ear!

Institute of Science and Technology of Gwangju, South Korea, have created a Graphene battery with a capacity of 400 kw in just 16 seconds when the bus makes stops for loading and unloading.

Recharging gadget

New batteries made with graphene will be able to recharge extremely fast, it is possible that they will reach full load in just 15 minutes.

Dye safe for hair

Graphene can also be used in the beauty industry.

A perfect alternative to the current hair dyes, of which, most are still toxic and harmful to the hair.

In 2018 scientists at Northwest University discovered that graphene can be as effective as hair paints without the need for toxic molecular ingredients.

Addition, unlike other hair dyes, graphene has anti-bacterial properties of thermal dissipation and antistatic.

The experts sprayed a graphene oxide gel onto blond hair and allowed it to dry for 10 minutes, the wires were covered with a graphene film that was only two microns thick.

All participants reported that the color remained even after 30 washes.

Corrosion-proof paints and super powerful spiders!

A world without rust

I have already mentioned that graphene is virtually impermeable, so a single coat of graphene-based paint will be able to prevent rust and corrosion.

Copper plates covered with this paint can be used as containers to contain extremely corrosive acids.

Graphene is a formidable material.

Graphene and Spider Web.

Able to revolutionize the biomaterial.

In induction biogenetic experiments, spiders were fed with water enriched with graphene and the result was surprising.

Silks presented better mechanical properties in relation to the silks collected from the same spiders, with a significant increase in the strength, tenacity and elasticity of the biocomposite silk threads.

Strongest silk strands had a fracture strength of up to 5.4 Giga Pascal (GPa), 3 times stronger than unmodified silks, as well as a 10-fold increase of the toughness modulus to 2.1 Giga Pascal (GPa ).

This study aims to create ultra resistant material, modified by the association of graphene.

destiny or Persistence? As dr konstantin novoselov and teacher andre geim discovered graphene

Dr. Konstantin Novoselov and teacher Andre Geim discovered this wonderful material in 2004 at the University of Manchester.

In 1 mm of graphite there are 3 million layers of Graphene!

They were examining the effectiveness of graphite as a transistor and discovered Graphene.

Placing the graphite on a tape insulated a new layer, Graphene!

The discovery of Graphene earned them the 2010 Nobel Prize.

Surprisingly, this super material is not a single or rare substance.

In fact it has the same carbon structure as the graphite you use every day when drawing or writing with pencil.

You can make graphene at home.

Provided you have the time and patience.

You will need several pieces of tape and a graphite pencil.

After depositing a thick layer of graphite and a piece of paper, use the tape to remove one layer of graphite.

Then use a second piece of adhesive tape to remove a layer of graphite from the first piece of tape, the third piece of adhesive tape will peel a layer of graphite from the second and so on.

If you are patient enough, you will notice how the layers of graphite become thinner and thinner.

At the end you should have a single layer of graphite that will be our two-dimensional graphene.

This method can be a little tiresome but it won a Nobel Prize.

What is missing for to take the lead in this century?

Production cost!

In 2012 the cost to cover a small pinhead with Graphene was approximately $ 1.1k.By 2015 it was already possible to buy 10 grams of Graphene for a thousand dollars.

Due to the optimized production methods, experts expect the price of this substance to decrease even more, and possibly to become as low as the cost of raw material graphite.

Graphene has enormous potential, and that is why the European Union has committed $ 1.3 billion to research that is expected to last a decade (2013-2023).

It’s worth mentioning that no one invests $ 1.3 billion in adventure and daydreaming.

There is a solid expectation that this metal will assume the leading role that once belonged to silicon and other materials.

This research is intended for Graphene innovation breakthroughs in healthcare, electronics, construction and energy.

I’m sure we’ll hear a lot about graphene in the near future!

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