Bike Share: Healthy, Economical and efficient

  1. Will Bike Share solve the chaotic traffic problem in big cities?
  2. Answering the question, in parts, is possible!
  3. It is a cheap, fast and easily accessible means of transport.
  4. Bike Share is dynamic, interactive, healthy and very simple.
  5. I see here, an opportunity to invest in bike share domain names.
  6. Keep reading and you will understand!

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China, once again, confirms fertile ground for those seeking to reap good fruit in the short-term. More than 2 million bikes get hot and the bike-sharing market grows.  Today you can find the sharing of bike in more than 580 options throughout China.

China recorded 1,036.4 billion bicycle sharing in 2015. This number almost doubled in 2016, reaching the mark of 1,900,340 million. There are many opportunities to make money by sharing bike. And few players to meet this great demand.

Mobike is a new startup, created in 2016. Leader in the global bike sharing market. The key to the business is the use of applications. App associated with technologies with RFID, GPS, Rapid Response (QR). Transforming urban mobility and people's lives for the better.


Bike Share diffuse the whole world, easy and healthy

The user can remove the bike at one end and leave it at another without the need to return it to where it has been removed.
All paid, tracked and made via a smartphone app.
The bike share business is so viable and healthy for the biological and financial health of the user that the cost is low, $ 0.14 US cents per hour.
The success of bike sharing, has made automotive giants like Ford invest in this business too.
Through a project called Ford City Solutions in the initial phase will count with 7,000 bikes for residents of San Francisco. 

Studies point out that in 2020 the bike sharing market will move $ 5.8 billion dollars.
The estimated average year growth is 20%.
Mobike seems to start foreign invest in Singapore in 2017.
Another giant founded in 2014 that tries to gain a good slice of this business is OFO, which has more than 1.5 million registered users.
The disorderly growth of automotive vehicles has led to chaotic traffic in major world centers and the economic, fast and healthy improvement has been clearly the use of bikes.
The viability of the business starts with the low cost of the product; A bike for OFO costs on average 250 cny that is $ 36 usd.
The unlock can still be done by code sent to the user’s smartphone, after taking the photo of the identification number of the bike, further reducing the technological cost.
Remembering that even bikes, can, be use of advertising space.

Apple & Ofo

Ofo Gains Strength With New Investment Player, Apple

Big investors have realized the potential of bike sharing and the newest investor is Apple.
Tim Cook was in China visiting Dai Wei of OFO impressed by the numbers, more than 2 billion sharing since his creation.
The values that Tim Cook invested were not disclosed.
What is known so far in March of 2017 OFO hit the mark of $ 1 Billion dollars of investments.

The next one way after Singapore is London and California.
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